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Posted on 05.09.17 by

Interview with Sr. Adv Anand Grover (Part I) – On Triple Talaq case

In two pathbreaking judgments last month, Supreme Court has struck down the practice of Triple talaq by a 3:2 division in Shayara Bano v UOI case. A few days later, a unanimous bench of 9 Supreme judges held that there is a fundamental right to privacy in the Puttaswamy v UOI case. The Supreme Court… Read More

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Posted on 19.05.17 by

The Triple Talaq Case (Day 6 Arguments)

On the 6th and final day of hearings in the Triple Talaq case, the Supreme Court’s constitutional bench heard Rejoinders from the remaining petitioners, respondents and intervenors. Rejoinder of Shayara Bano by Amit Chadha Mr. Amita Chadha, Sr. Adv, began by pointing out the irony of AIMPLB arguing that triple talaq is sinful, patriarchal and… Read More

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Posted on 18.05.17 by

The Triple Talaq Case (Day 5 Arguments)

On the fifth and penultimate day of argument in the Triple Talaq case, the five-judge constitutional bench finished hearing parties supporting the constitutional validity of triple talaq and began hearing rejoinders by the Union of India and other intervenors. Arguments of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) by Mr. Kapil Sibal On Day 4 Mr. Sibal concluded… Read More

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Posted on 17.05.17 by

The Triple Talaq Case (Day 4 Arguments)

Mr. Kapil Sibal, Sr. Adv., representing the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), began proceedings before the five-judge Constitutional Bench on the 4th Day of the Triple Talaq case. He contended that the court cannot interfere in practices like triple talaq as personal law is not ‘law’ under Article 13 and not subject to fundamental… Read More

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Posted on 16.05.17 by

The Triple Talaq Case (Day 3 Arguments)

On Day 3 in the Triple Talaq Case the Union of India represented by Attorney General of India (AGI), Mr. Mukul Rohatgi began arguments. He advanced the proposition that all forms of talaq, irrespective of whether it is an ‘essential practice’ of Islam, should be subject to the fundamental right to equality. Arguments of Union… Read More

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The Triple Talaq Case (Day 2 Arguments)

The five-judge Constitutional Bench continued hearing the Triple Talaq case on May 12. 2017. Petitioners, intervenors and the Amicus dominated the second day of arguments. These arguments continued to scrutinize the scriptural and religious foundations of the challenged practice. The weight of submissions against the practice has piled up and we’re yet to hear any… Read More

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Posted on 12.05.17 by

The Triple Talaq Case (Day 1 Arguments)

On 11 May 2017 the 5 Judge Constitutional Bench began hearing the Triple Talaq case. This case tags W.P. (C) 118 /2016 (Shayara Bano v. Union of India & Ors) and the Suo W.P. (C) 2 /2015 (In re: Muslim Women’s Quest for Equality). The Chief Justice began by framing two fundamental issues: Whether instantaneous… Read More